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Super Player Auction Mobile App

Super Player Auction Mobile App

Super Player Auction Mobile Application is the easiest of Player Auction Software in any sport. Whether it would be Kabaddi, Hockey, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton or any other game. The easy to understand functionalities are also present in the Player Auction Software Mobile App. With help of this player auction mobile application, anybody can know about the teams, team owners, management, team rules and player auction process.

  • Live Player Data is visible with attractive designs.
  • Live update on team points participating in sports league.
  • Effective Sold Out Screen.
  • Help is available throughout the program..
  • Live Streaming of your tournament auction can be broadcast on the internet..
  • All the player auction process is auto recorded and the data of unsold players is also auto recorded..

Advanced features

Live streaming

We provide live streaming overlay for youtube, facebook

Team Owner View

All team owner can live view (points, player profile) on there mobiles

Remotely Bid

We provide remotely bidding system in this application for team owner take bid from their mobile or laptop

Player Registration

Player can register own self from mobile app


Call To Auction

If any query of this app please call us

Our Prices

Up to




Up to



Rs. 2500/-

Up to



Rs. 4000/-

up to



Rs. 5000/-

up to



Rs. 7000/-

up to



Rs. 8000/-

About Super Player Auction

Each tournament coordinator knows that it is so difficult to figure out piles of entry forms, make the draws out of it and matches to have an incredible tournament. Super Player Auction is intended to deal with a competition and gives you useful, and proficient abilities. Super Player Auction offers loads of functionalities with unmatched exactness and proficiency. Super Player Auction is made for all type of sports like Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball and any sport you can imagine. If you are organizing any kind of tournament of any sport Super Player Auction is ready to make it happen in the most professional manner.

In the last 4 years we have organized Cricket Player Auctions, Hockey Player Auctions, Volleyball Player Auctions and Kabaddi Player Auctions in various tournaments. It is a great player auction software and player auction mobile application where you can find all the live actions taken place. Whether it would be Player profile, Team Statistics and overall performances. We are committed to provide the best tournament software or best tournament software mobile app to deal with your player profile, team bid, team hold point, sold and unsold player list, point sponsor with a live update in the mobile screens of the group owners for the live sale.

We furnish the best visible screen at their mobile to the team owners and auctioneers with live player profile, live team bid, all points summary in a smooth manner. The team owners and auctioneers are in comfortable position while dealing in live player auction. At Super player auction immense flexibility is given to team owners and auctioneers that they can customize and categorize the plans, teams, players according to their comfort. The technical team at Super Player Auction is committed to provide you full assistance while the live auction takes place.

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